Reviews for My Year Without Sex:

"Jessica Gerger is the star, taking on all roles. Gerger’s performance is at its most impressive when watching a fight between 4 characters. Tightly performed." Adelaide Advertiser

"Jessica Gerger’s top notch performance is what holds this show together. She plays all the characters – even when they’re interacting with each other. Keep an eye out for this woman. She is a relaxed and able clown who lovingly creates the oddest of folk and lets the audience see the best of them. Gerger knows her craft and it’s a joy to watch her perform"

"Original, creative, outrageous - Gerger brings a myriad of characters to life brilliantly. Her skill at characterisation is so good there is no doubt as to who she is supposed to be at any time." Adelaide Theatre Guide

"Full marks, Jessica Gerger pulls off this cleverly scripted solo performance perfectly. It’s a delight to see Jessica Gerger transform instantly from Tickletext or her exasperated counterparts with just a change of body language or facial nuance" Rip It Up

"The eccentric sister of Basil Fawlty meets Ali G – wonderfully played"
Independent Weekly

“A Tour de force solo performance by Jessica Gerger….changed characters and costume with bewildering sleight of hand and voice.”
Scene and Heard

"Gerger hits comedy gold... It's orgasmic fun! Watch out Dame Edna, fasten your seatbelt Mrs Doubtfire, there’s a new biddy on the block. This woman is as professional as they come and she has the facial expressions to prove it." Seatwave


Reviews for The Vegemite Tales:

“An excellent Jessica Gerger” Fiona Mountford, The Evening Standard

“Strong support from Jessica Gerger” The Daily Telegraph

“Jessica Gerger was a standout as Gemma.”
South London Press

“Jessica Gerger gives a touching performance as the artist Gemma.”
The Stage

“Jessica Gerger plays a blinder as Gemma whose personal crisis infuses a note of genuine pathos into the plot.”
Australian Times

“Jessica Gerger suffers the one serious trauma of the evening that is the pivotal moment within the play and stuns the audience into silence with her truly emotional outburst.”
Rogues and Vagabonds


Reviews for The Secret death of Salvador Dali:

“We see little of the nurse or superannuated artist, as the two excellent actors, Jessica Gerger and Stephen Billington, are too busy playing a myriad of characters, regardless of sex.”
What’s on in London

Reviews for The Feigned Courtesans:

“Comic from the outset, the play is brought to life by the six strong cast, notably including Jessica Gerger” Camden New Journal

“This then evolves into the story of two ladies of quality, Marcella and Cornelia (played by the excellent Jessica Gerger)”



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